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Creating Capital was founded with a mission: to provide people with the unbiased information and guidance they need to become financially independent and secure.

Creating Capital is a platform that operates to provide full service financial education programs to individuals, corporates and businesses combining financial workshops with phone-based financial coaching, in-person financial planning sessions and online content and tools to deliver personalized, ongoing financial planning programs.

We deliver various personal financial topics in any format. Topics are available in the format that delivers proven best results. Packages are designed to enable users to participate in their own learning through highly engaging, interactive financial planning exercises and real-life scenarios.

Our programs achieve significant results for members in the following areas:

Improvement in finances
Better prepared to make financial decisions
Increase in savings and adoption of an optimal investment strategy because of the education

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The goal of investment advisory is to help investors manage their money more effectively. However, the spirit behind such advice is education, including educating investors on their investments and how they work. It’s with this purpose in mind that the Private Wealth  team at United Capital form “Creating Capital” Community groups. Creating Capital is the Online subscription-based version of United Capital’s Private Wealth services.


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