12 Apr

Add Years to Your Life And Life to Your Years

Add years to your life and life to your years

We all like success stories. However, when it comes to our finances, most of us don’t take the time to define what success means. Without a clear understanding of your financial ability or lack thereof, it is difficult to make informed financial and life decisions.

Our clients, husband, 42, and wife, 36, are married and financially independent. They both enjoy work but are concerned that they will need to work longer than they wish. They enjoy golfing and socializing with friends at their country club. However, the expense of the club keeps them up at night and they are concerned that this expense is simply above their means.

Another wish they have is to spend their annual vacations in at least two major cities in the United States but believe this is just wishful thinking. With concerns adding up, they asked their Wealth Advisor at United Capital to develop a financial plan to take control of their financial situation.

Their Wealth Advisor at United Capital worked very closely with them and developed a comprehensive financial plan that clearly explained their financial life. They met with them regularly and explained where their assets were held, how they were managed, and made some adjustments to better suit their current situation.  They also explained what type of lifestyle they could afford and how long their assets would last.

The Wealth Advisors at United Capital took the lead role of coordinating the financial plan with the Clients’ other trusted advisors. At United Capital Wealth Management, nothing is more fulfilling than helping a client regain control and power of a financial need.

During the financial planning process, their Advisors learned that they had more than enough assets that would last them till retirement while still fulfilling all their goals and wishes. Their Wealth Advisors at United Capital showed them that even if we entered a recession and the market pulled back that they would still be able to live the life they want without concessions.

Sometimes the smallest steps make the biggest difference. If this couple had assessed their financial situation sooner, they may have avoided all of the stress and sleepless nights of thinking they needed to drastically alter their lifestyle.

At United Capital Wealth Management, we guide our clients towards peace of mind by helping them clearly define their goals and design and implement a plan to help achieve them.

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