22 Mar

It’s your choice, it’s your life….it’s up to you now!

Amaka and Kola are all smiles

Staying up-to-date with financial markets and investment strategies is a wonderful thing. However, sometimes it can be difficult to filter the good advice from the bad.

Our clients, Kola, 38, and Amaka, 32, recently welcomed an addition to their family this year. They have been operating a thriving family-owned legal practice since they got married and wanted to assess the sustainability of their investment portfolios for their post-work life.

Kola reads magazines and books about the financial markets and is an avid CNBC Africa and Bloomberg enthusiast. He is very organized and maintains detailed spreadsheets of their cash flow, assets, and liabilities. He is also a member of the ‘Creating Capital Community-CCC an online financial resource platform for education and financial empowerment. CCC has helped them to identify, achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle with adequate financial planning.

But with a new baby, Kola and Amaka will need to determine if their current investment strategy will be sufficient for the long term.

Considering the volatility in the financial markets, Kola believes he needs to drastically reduce stock holdings and buy lower-risk bonds. During the financial planning process, their Wealth Advisors at United Capital showed them that this would reduce the chances of funding their goals and, quite simply, be detrimental to their financial health.

Even though they had enough assets to go to implement an all bond portfolio and continue funding their lifestyle, their Wealth Advisors at United Capital showed them that over the long-run they would miss out on millions of Naira of portfolio growth with minimal risk.

They were thankful to see a side-by-side comparison of multiple allocation scenarios and their long-term impact. In the end, they were relieved knowing they had made the smart informed decision to maintain some stock exposure and use that additive growth towards their charitable and estate planning wishes. They were further exposed to the world of Creating Capital, as the platform was able to deepen relationship with members by making it less transactional and more personal – making it less about the numbers and more about the possibilities.

Many investors are unsure of what their financial goals should be, and even more don’t realize that the goals they’ve set with their current spending and saving patterns are unattainable. With CCC; members have an opportunity to work with the team of Wealth Advisors at United Capital to analyze past spending and saving behaviors and be guided on the necessary steps to take to help achieve their short and long term financial goals.

At United Capital Wealth Management, we admire market enthusiasts and self-starters. Today, Kola and Amaka are still active in the investment process, but now work with our team and continue to pursue financial freedom.

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