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Pathway is a planning model that allows members to explore projections of various possible financial outcomes based on data from your linked external financial accounts, a variety of other inputs, your tolerance for risk and your current investments. College Planning enhances the features of Pathway and provides for additional planning functionality using additional inputs and assumptions.

The advisory provider for CCC is a SEC-registered investment advisor providing financial advisory and planning services to investors who become clients pursuant to a written agreement, which you can read here. Pathway’s financial planning models are designed to assist Clients in preparing for their financial future and allows them to personalize assumptions for their portfolios.

The pathway to college isn’t easy. The pathway to saving for it can be.

Pathway walks you through all the important aspects of college planning – how much it will cost, how much financial aid you can expect, and what you’ll need to save.

When you become a CCC member and have completed an online “Save for college” questionnaire, we’ll help you create a personalized plan to save for college.

Pathway shows You the way

Projects the cost of college
Once you choose a college/country of study and course we will show you how much it will cost by the time your child starts school. Our breakdown includes tuition and expenses and accounts for inflation.

Calculates your financial requirement
Financial requirement depends on your income, finances and the college you choose. We consider all the factors and estimate how much funds will cover. Learn More

Shows how much you need to save
We help you set a realistic monthly savings goal based on the future costs and your expected financial requirement. We’ll even show you how adjusting your savings could affect your account’s growth over time.

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Pathway to college estimates financial requirement using the same set of information that schools use all over the world. We consider a holistic picture of your projected financial life by the time your child attends college, including your retirement plans, which can affect your income and account balances in the future. Specifically, our financial requirement considers:

  • School-specific data on financial requirement
  • Projected balances on your Financial Planning and linked accounts. Those projections will depend on your current balances, current positions, planned savings (for all goals), and market return assumptions.
  • Projected income for you and your spouse (if applicable) by the time your child attends college. This projection helps determine your expected contribution to your child’s college costs, and depends on your planned retirement age and your current income.
  • The ages of you and your spouse (if applicable) by the time your child attends college.
  • The ages of your other children by the time your child attends college, in case multiple children are expected to attend college at the same time.
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