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Receive a Welcome Kit

When joining Creating Capital, you will receive a Welcome Kit that comes pre-loaded with brochures and apps we will use as we work together to pave your path to financial success.

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Private Client Services

It only makes sense that the more money you make, the harder it can become to track your own finances. This is especially true for investors who possess a significant amount of money to invest.

To provide our high-net-worth clients with exceptional attention and care, we offer its Premium Wealth Clients, Private Client services. This service is built for investors with at least ₦100million in investable assets or a Net worth of ₦250m and above. Initial Investable funds: ₦20million or more.

Various life style benefits and concierge services

For these services, Private Clients pay no additional fees, only the standard fee for advisory services.

Premium Wealth customers will enjoy the exclusive service of Lifestyle where a dedicated Lifestyle Assistant will assist you with:
All your travel arrangements including flights, car rental and accommodation.
Gifting services like ordering flowers, wine, gift vouchers and hampers.
Lifestyle experiences such as spa days, and luxury picnicking.
Dining reservations.
Sourcing sport and event tickets.

What to Expect: Premium Wealth Client

Managing your wealth is a big responsibility. When you become part of the us, you have a partner you can trust for highly qualified opinions and one-on-one advice today, tomorrow and anytime in the future.

Independent advice based on proven research methods

What to Expect: Capital Wealth Client

Our Wealth Clients are automatically given membership into Creating Capital. Members will receive:

Modules covering the core components of planning a secure, stress-free retirement.
Short, quick, step-by-step video lessons that explain all concepts in easy to understand language.
Worksheets so Clients can map out their finances and take immediate action on what they’ve learnt.
All our best, vetted resources that make financial planning a breeze.
Financial insights our high-end clients pay thousands of Naira for.
Plus, two bonuses when a client signs on with us:
#1: Ways to Find “Invisible” Naira in Your Budget and Jumpstart Your Retirement TODAY
#2: The best Approach to Budgeting

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The Wealth Client service is built for investors with at least Investable cash of ₦5million or more for ongoing financial planning advice.

What’s included?
A Client Welcome Kit
FREE Investment Tolerance questionnaire to determine risk tolerance/capacity.
Client Fact Finding Questionnaire (To be completed and submitted online)
FREE 30-minute strategy session to find out if ongoing financial planning is right for the Client.
The FREE strategy session includes:
30 Minutes of one-on-one time with a Wealth Advisor – online
A quick assessment of current financial situation.
An action step that Clients can take right away.
An assigned Wealth Team to ensure Clients are on track to the lifestyle of their dreams.
Online access to advice on the following:
Comprehensive Financial Planning & Advice
Family Budgeting Planning
Planning ahead – Retirement
Business Entity Planning & Exit Advice and many more

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The goal of investment advisory is to help investors manage their money more effectively. However, the spirit behind such advice is education, including educating investors on their investments and how they work. It’s with this purpose in mind that the Private Wealth  team at United Capital form “Creating Capital” Community groups. Creating Capital is the Online subscription-based version of United Capital’s Private Wealth services.


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