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A goal without a plan is just a wish.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The initial and most critical element of any new client relationship begins with creating your Wealth Plan.

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The Wealth Plan process follows these seven steps:

1. Establish and Define the Client-Planner Relationship
We begin by clearly explaining our philosophy for accumulating and preserving long-term financial stability. We outline and define the roles and responsibilities for both planner and client. We agree on how decisions will be made and how our compensation is structured.

2. Gather Fact and Feeling Data and Discover Your Goals
We take the time to learn about you and your family. We want to gain a deeper understanding of the things that are most important to you. Together we define actionable goals and determine the timeframe available to achieve them.

3. Organize Family Team
The Private Wealth Network is a team of carefully selected experts, each with a high level of knowledge and skill in key financial areas. Our team of specialist applies its expertise to evaluate all aspects of your financial situation and devise appropriate solutions.

4. Analyze and Evaluate Your Financial Position
We assess your current financial position by reviewing your accumulated assets, current and future sources of income, outstanding liabilities, and planned expenses. We outline the objectives that your Wealth Plan will address, such as Retirement Income, Education Funding, Insurance Needs, Estate Planning and more.

5. Build Personal Financial Plan and/or Business Plan
Based on our discussion of your goals and after analyzing your current financial position, we present our initial recommendations on how to best achieve real results. We will go over the recommendations with you and provide alternative solutions as needed.

6. Implement Financial Planning Recommendations
Together, we agree on the recommendations to implement and begin the steps necessary to put your Wealth Plan into action. At this time, we will coordinate your plan with your Accountant or Lawyer if necessary.

7. Ongoing Service, Review, and Monitoring of Plan
We meet with you multiple times during the year to monitor your Wealth Plan, review progress, and determine if any changes are needed to keep you on track toward your financial goals. We are committed to stewarding your Wealth Plan for its entirely.

How does it work?

Do I need an ongoing relationship? Can’t you just tell me which products or services I need?

Whether your plan is simple or complex, an ongoing relationship can be vital. Think about Wealth Management and Planning as a journey – you can travel solo to a place you have never been, once someone has booked you on the right plane, but wouldn’t it be better to have a guide once you land?

Different requirements demand adaptability. Our integrated range of in-house services are designed to suit you and your circumstances. These includes:

Keeping Your Goals in Focus
During the Wealth Plan Process, our experienced professionals assess your tolerance for uncertainty, recommend the appropriate asset allocation, and engineer investment portfolios. We establish a clear set of milestones that you can use to track your plan’s progress as you pursue your financial objectives.

A long term, disciplined investment strategy is the core of our investment management philosophy. Your Wealth Plan dictates the asset allocation necessary to best achieve the established goals.

Staying on track
As your goals change due to life events (job changes, children, retirement, etc.), you and your advisor will review your investment strategy to implement changes if necessary.

Our investment professionals steward your assets by regularly evaluating your portfolio, monitoring withdrawal rates and rebalancing your allocation as needed. We partner with major financial institutions to hold custody of your assets to ensure transparency and provide easy access to funds.



Accumulating savings for Retirement
Like mountain climbing, retirement planning begins with the goal of reaching the summit. However, without proper planning and preparation, it is unlikely you will reach this goal. To help our members plan and prepare during the accumulation phase, we utilize the ARC Process for “Achieving Retirement Clarity.” It involves creating a custom plan for achieving your goals and incorporates risk management tools to prepare for the unexpected.

Providing Income in Retirement
Did you know that 80% of mountain climbing accidents occur on the way back down the mountain? The same issue can be applied to your retirement. Most people spend most of their years saving and accumulating assets for retirement, but don’t have a secure plan to make sure their assets last as long as they do in retirement.

For this reason, we enlist The RISK Process to simplify the complexity of retirement income planning and guide you through an organized process.

Why Choose us?

We believe it is important to have a thorough understanding of your personal situation before we make any recommendations. Only then can we help you to build your own individual plan. Remember that products or services may be the jigsaw pieces, but they are not the whole picture.

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Wealth Preservation and Estate Planning

Helping you preserve your wealth for this generation and the next
Wealth preservation is one of the most significant concerns for families who have worked hard to build a nest egg. Estate Planning not only involves planning for the distribution of financial assets, but also includes wealth preservation and asset protection strategies to help maintain financial security.

With the proper planning in place, your family can feel more comfortable about their long term financial future no matter what happens. No one has worked harder for your financial success than you. Let us help you protect it for the future.


Life insurance For a Variety of Planning Needs
We partner with a team of qualified insurance professionals to help you with your Life Insurance Planning. We have the experience and resources to design a plan for you, your family or your business.

Whether you need a basic insurance plan to provide a death benefit to your loved ones, or a complex plan to provide for succession planning or buy/sell funding for your business, we can help.

Employee Benefit Planning

Creating Successful Benefit Plan Experiences for Business Owners and Employees
Our goal is to create successful employee benefit experiences for both Plan Sponsors and Participants. With our many years of experience in corporate benefit plans, we serve as your company’s advocate – helping you connect your goals with the resources you need to accomplish them.

We offer comprehensive services for a variety of benefit plans, including profit sharing, pension plans, group health, life insurance, long-term disability, and dental plans.

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