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Money is such an important part of everyday life, yet nobody is ever taught how to manage their finances effectively. So it’s not surprising that money worries are one of the biggest causes of stress.

You may be in debt, living pay cheque to pay cheque, making some life changes which have financial implications or earning a reasonable income without managing to build up adequate assets. We will work with you in a holistic way to help you work through these types of issues and empower you to develop confidence in making decisions and finding solutions.

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Financial coaching sessions can also help you gain insight into what’s behind your financial behaviour, clear some of the obstacles in the way of your financial success and enable you to feel better equipped and motivated to tackle financial challenges.

We will help you focus on your goals and streamline your financial commitments so that your money – however much or little of it you have – really begins to work for you.

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What is Financial Coaching?

Being good with money is just another form of fitness. Just as with losing weight or getting physically fit, it takes the same sort of commitment to get on top of your finances and remain motivated so that you reach your goals.

We use proven coaching techniques and technical expertise to help you identify and understand your financial goals, and put in place realistic and measurable strategies to meet them.

People seek financial coaching for many different reasons. Some require information and only minimal guidance. For instance, you may simply want to discuss whether the plans you have in place are sufficient to meet your future goals.

Others may want considerable support facing up to financial difficulties, which often involves examining the emotions surrounding their relationship with money. For example, you might want to tackle a long-term issue, such as out-of-control spending habits.

What does life Planning involve?

The first stage of the process is exploration, where we will ask you questions and listen deeply, to discover what matters most to you in your life. We’ll then take you through some exercises and challenge you to help you create the most exciting, compelling vision for your ideal life.

Once your vision is clear and vivid, we’ll support you through any obstacles that surface and then help you work out ways to create the financial plan that can support those life goals. No advice is provided, simply guidance and support.

How does financial coaching work?

We support you to make decisions and initiate any changes, usually through a series of regular meetings. We work in total confidence – the coaching sessions provide a safe place for you to acknowledge and face your money concerns.

We also offer coaching and support by Skype or phone, so you’ll be able to gain the benefits wherever you live.

We’ll conduct an initial phone or Skype consultation (free of charge) to collect some basic information, which will enable us to decide, together, whether financial coaching is right for you.

We also have forms for you to complete in preparation of our coaching sessions, so that the time we spend together in our first session will be as productive as possible.

What are the benefits of financial coaching?

Many clients find that simply picking up the phone and booking their first coaching session reduces their stress levels. It’s worrying to be in debt, or to feel out of control with your spending. And it’s frustrating to feel that you don’t understand what you need to know to make good financial decisions.

With us on hand to look out for you and your money, the benefits of financial coaching quickly become obvious.

What will happen during a coaching session?

The first coaching session usually lasts two hours, and we prefer to conduct this meeting face-to-face if possible. Otherwise, Skype is always an option. We can conduct subsequent meetings in the same way, although we find that coaching is just as effective by phone or Skype if that suits your circumstances.

During the first meeting, we’ll talk through your financial situation, identify what you hope to achieve from the coaching, and start working towards meeting these goals.

Some clients find that a single session is all they need, while others prefer to book a series of meetings – for instance an hour a month, for several months. While this type of arrangement often helps the coaching process, there is no financial commitment – you only pay for the coaching you receive.

Is there any homework between coaching sessions?

At the end of each session we’ll summarize the action points from the meeting and agree what needs to be done by the next meeting. This may involve gathering information from financial companies or completing a budgeting worksheet. While we work at a pace that suits you, we also work with your goals in mind. We find that the coaching process works best if you can complete any action points before the next meeting.

What is the difference between financial coaching and financial advice?

Isn’t financial coaching just another name for financial advice?

No, there are important differences. Financial advisers provide financial advice – they are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Central Bank and are bound by its rules. Most financial advisers aren’t set up to support you if your finances aren’t in order. Their role is often about selecting financial products to match your individual needs.

Our role is to make sure that you are fully informed about your financial issues and to support people who, although may not have money to invest, still need some financial help and guidance.

We won’t suggest that you choose specific financial products such as pensions, investments, insurance or mortgages. Nor will we suggest that you vary, alter or discard an existing product.

We do, however, offer generic money guidance such as guiding you through the options available to finance your retirement or helping you understand the features of financial products.

Many clients use financial coaching as an affordable alternative to financial advice, understanding that only guidance is provided, not advice; others use this medium to complement the service provided by their financial adviser or investment manager. Following our initial consultation, we will be able to decide whether a financial adviser would be better suited to your needs.

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