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Workshops and Seminars

We offer financial coaching, workshops and seminars for individuals and small groups of like-minded people. We also specialize in running a variety of services for organizations.

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As individual as you are
After an initial discussion, we’ll decide together what will work for you. The service is completely flexible – you choose whether you would like a single consultation or a series of meetings over several months.

We’ll do our best to arrange sessions at a time to suit you, and you can choose whether you’d like to talk face-to-face, on the phone, via Skype or by email.

Please contact us for a copy of our Terms of Business.

Small groups, shared goals
We also offer financial coaching for small groups of friends or colleagues with similar needs. For instance, you may want to understand savings options available. Or you’d like a general teaching session on money management and ways to gain better understanding of financial matters. Many people find that shared coaching is a great way to learn.


Retirement Planning

Will you outlive your retirement savings?
What will you spend your time doing when you retire?
Which have you spent more time planning – your retirement or your next vacation?

Education Planning

Do you understand the nuances of studying both within and outside your country?
Do you understand the various education funding options?
Do you understand the impact of your funding choices on the other options available to you?
Will the ownership of your family’s savings accounts affect the financial aid available to you?

Insurance Planning

Do you understand how your personal net worth may be exposed to major losses?
What would you consider to be a loss you couldn’t afford to assume?
If you died, would there be a significant financial strain on your family?

You will spend many thousands of Naira on insurance premiums during your lifetime. At various times, you will probably pay for health insurance, disability insurance, auto insurance, property insurance, life insurance, and more. Determining how much coverage you need, what risks you can afford to self-insure, where you should buy your insurance, and how much you should pay for it are vitally important to your financial security.

Estate Planning

Will taxes or probate costs unnecessarily reduce your estate?
Have you legally appointed someone to make decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself?
Are you concerned about possible conflicts among your family members after you are gone?

It can be uncomfortable to think about death and what will happen to our loved ones and our possessions after we’re gone. What’s even more uncomfortable is to think about the state deciding what happens because we didn’t take the time to plan.

What you stand to Benefit?

Staff packages
Removing the stress of money worries is a great perk to give your staff. For example, we can run drop-in clinics at your place of work, or we can organize individual financial-coaching sessions by phone or face-to-face, at your convenience. Get in touch to find out how you can include the United Capital service as part of your staff package.

Training for organizations
We run a range of seminars, workshops and courses on specific aspects of finance and money. We also provide financial coaching clinics, investment clinics and bespoke training on almost any aspect of finance. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Independent advice based on proven research methods

Company Briefing Update for the Year

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Goal Setting

Do you have specific written short- and long-term goals?
What would it take to live the life you want?
If you were told you have exactly 18 months to live, what would you change?

The better we understand what is important to you, the better we can help you structure your finances to achieve your goals. Financial advisors can inadvertently try to impose their own goals on their clients.

We have found the best way to avoid doing so, which is to use a variety of techniques and approaches to help you clarify and communicate your goals and then help you measure your progress toward them.

Cash Management

Do you carry balances on your credit cards/huge balances in your current account?
How would you manage if you had no income for six months?
What would you do if you had to save more to meet your goals?

Say the word “budgeting” and most people will cringe or groan. They immediately think of tedious record keeping and then start feeling deprived. But all budgeting means is deciding how you will spend your money in advance so that you are making regular progress toward your financial independence.

We will help you understand the difference between good and bad debt, make sure you have enough set aside for emergencies and special opportunities, and, if needed, help you gain control over your spending.

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The goal of investment advisory is to help investors manage their money more effectively. However, the spirit behind such advice is education, including educating investors on their investments and how they work. It’s with this purpose in mind that the Private Wealth  team at United Capital form “Creating Capital” Community groups. Creating Capital is the Online subscription-based version of United Capital’s Private Wealth services.


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