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CCC’s efficient technology with one-on-one professional guidance

CCC was created to help you manage your financial life so you can Secure your Tomorrow, Today and live better. Through our network of CERTIFIED WEALTH MANAGERS you can leverage CCC’s efficient smart technology, while also working alongside a dedicated Wealth Advisor.

Partner with an Advisor from The CCC Advisor Network

Our advisors are vetted to help ensure they have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you maximize your money. Your advisor can help manage the complexity of your specific financial situation and:

Get to know you personally and build a lasting relationship
Develop a customized, comprehensive financial plan
Help with more advance and complex financial issues
Adapt and grow with you as your needs change
Optimize your use of the CCC platform

We’ll help find the right advisor For you

We will match you with a vetted advisor from our Advisor Network Who fits your unique preferences. Advisors may have minimum Balance requirements Here’s how it works:

1. Tell us about yourself.
Schedule a call with our consultant so we can better understand your needs.

2. Review your options.
We’ll find two to three advisors that we think may be a good fit based on the needs and preferences you tell us about on your call.

3. Select your best fit.
You can schedule a time to speak with each individual advisor to decide who is the best fit for you.

4. Develop your plan. Work with your advisor to create, customize, and adjust your financial plan as your needs change.

Schedule a call with our matching consultant to get started

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The CCC Advisor Network works primarily with members of the Wealth Management Team at United Capital Plc, the principal professional organization for CCC professionals. United Capital focuses on the advancement of CCC professionals through a commitment to provide members with unique opportunities for professional development, business success and advocacy.

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The goal of investment advisory is to help investors manage their money more effectively. However, the spirit behind such advice is education, including educating investors on their investments and how they work. It’s with this purpose in mind that the Private Wealth  team at United Capital form “Creating Capital” Community groups. Creating Capital is the Online subscription-based version of United Capital’s Private Wealth services.


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